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How is The World Typing? Take Our Scientific Typing Test to Compare!

Now you can compare your typing skills to the rest of the world while contributing to science – thanks to the Scientific Typing Test developed by researchers in Helsinki and Cambridge.

Take the Scientific Typing Test now!

TypingTest.com has teamed up with researchers from Aalto University and University of Cambridge to create the first scientific online typing test. Spend 5 minutes of your time and get extensive statistics on your speed and errors based on scientifically approved methods. A better controlled test procedure allows us to estimate your performance more reliably so that you can better track your progress and compare your results to others.

But there’s more: with the Scientific Typing Test you have the opportunity to contribute to science. Why is this important? Do you know how fast an average typist is? Are women faster or more careful than men? Is young age a benefit? Are typists in California faster than those in New York? It turns out that nobody knows answers to these basic questions.

While keyboards have stayed pretty much the same for decades, *everything* around them has changed. Typists are no more just secretaries and operators. Today, we use our keyboard for different purposes from chatting to programming or gaming. And most of us don’t have formal training in typing. Alas, the bulk of scientific studies of typing comes from 1980s where things were radically different.

The Scientific Typing Test is designed by researchers from Aalto University and University of Cambridge to increase the understanding of today’s typing performance and individual differences, and improve the quality of online typing tests. For this end, the team has made many improvements to the testing procedure that allow a more controlled assessment of typing speed and accuracy:

  • Realistic sentences that come from real world scenarios and have been used in scientific typing studies
  • Sentences are shown only one by one so that you do not have to look back and forth between the sentence and your input
  • Sentences are randomized to exclude any learning effects from repeatedly typing the same text
  • Improved speed and accuracy measures exactly take into account every character you type

Take the Scientific Typing Test now. Get improved measures of your speed and accuracy and extensive statistics on how you compare to others. In addition, your typing data helps research to better understand how people type today. Note that no personally identifying data is collected. Your typing data is anonymous and treated confidentially.

Feel free to contact the researchers if you have any questions:

Anna Feit, Doctoral candidate


If you want to learn more about typing and text entry methods, check out the previous work of the researchers from Aalto University and University of Cambridge:





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