Prove Your Typing Skills with an Official Certificate

The official Typing Skills Certificate is the best way to prove your typing skills to a potential employer or other third party. The certificate is provided in cooperation with ExpertRating.com web site.

Complete a Full Typing Test
First you will complete the full, ten minute typing test three times, after which you can pick the best results for the certificate.

Get Certificate by Mail
After completing the test you will be mailed an official Typing Skills Certificate showing your detailed test results.

Easy to Purchase
The certification costs only $9.90 USD including the printed certificate mailed anywhere in the world. You can pay easily online with a credit card.



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How It Works

1. Register yourself
Register yourself into the certified online testing site hosted by ExpertRating.com.

2. Purchase access
After registering you can purchase access to the certified typing test with a credit card.

3. Complete the test
After warming up you can complete the full 10 minute typing test three times for the best possible results.

4. Choose the results
Pick the results of your choice to be printed to the official certificate

5. Get certificate by mail
You will receive your Typing Skills Certificate by mail anywhere in the world.

Typing Skills Certificate is jointly provided by ExpertRating, Ltd. and TypingMaster, Inc.