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Learn to Touch Type Online

TypingTest.com Typing Trainer is a web based typing course that leads you step-by-step to the powerful touch typing technique.

Thanks to the interactive and well illustrated study material, it only takes five hours to learn the essentials.

After that you are ready harvest the benefits of your new skill in everyday work.


Double Your Typing Speed

TypingTest.com Touch typing does wonders to your typing speed - that's a fact.

We recently had over 15,000 people take a combined typing test and survey at TypingTest.com. The results were indisputable: those who used touch typing typed on average two times faster - the best even three or four times faster. Quite a difference!

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Comprehensive Study Material

First, quickly learn the essentials and then advance to the mastery of the whole keyboard.

Essentials Course Letters and punctuation
14 lessons, 5 h
Advanced Course Speed building
7 lessons, 2 h 30 min
Course Numbers
2 lessons, 1 h
Course Special marks
4 lessons, 1 h 45 min
Course Numeric keypad
3 lessons, 1 h 15 min
30 lessons, 10 h 30 min

Plus Typing tests, games and more...



Interactive exercises
Visual approach and instant feedback make learning intuitive and efficient.


Flexible learning
Set your own schedule - each study session can vary from 5 to 50 minutes.


Learn by playing
Instructive typing games make honing your skills pure fun.


Access anywhere
At home, work, on the road - continue your studies from any computer.


See the results
Follow your progress with detailed result report and speed tests.

Start for Free - Upgrade to Complete

We welcome you to complete the first lessons free of charge. Then, if you like what you see, you can upgrade to get access to the entire study material including 29 lessons and over 10 hours of training material. To purchase, please sign up or log in first.

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