All accounts were upgraded in October 9th 2023

We have transferred your test takers, settings and test result data from the old version to the new one. We only transferred data from January 2021 or later, as some clients may have had unnecessary older data in the old version. If you need to access older test results, please log in to the old version admin panel from link below and export the data.

Getting Started: Basic Steps for Using the New Version
1.Sign in to the new version Admin Panel with your old version admin email
2. Verify that your test settings are accurate, including text, time, and limits
3. Share the new test link with your test takers to allow them to use a new version (video)
4. Utilize the new Admin Panel to view real-time results and track progress

If you're unable to log in, kindly contact us by clicking HELP on bottom right corner, and we will help you.

Old version img

Old 2021 Version


You can access the old version solely to review your previous test taker results. However, arranging typing tests using the old version is no longer possible. To conduct typing tests, you will need to utilize your new account on the updated New Admin Panel.

Taking Tests on old version is not supported

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New 2023 Version

New Admin Panel

Login to Activate your upgraded account, please enter your email address (your contact email from the old Admin Panel / Account Settings), and leave the password field blank on your first login attempt. Once you have done this, your account will be activated and a password reset email will be sent to you.

We recommend avoiding mixing up the usage of the old and new versions. After logging in please start sharing your new test link(s) with candidates, to take advantage of enhanced testing, reporting, and inviting features, which enable administrators to manage candidate testing more easily and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions